Lazygird POS elevates your massage business to new heights

Effortless booking to save time for things you love
Gift cards increase your store’s sales
Manage your staffs and their shifts
Customer loyalty programme

Effortless Booking with Lazygrid

Simplify your scheduling with a system that lets clients book directly from Instagram, Facebook, or your website—anytime, anywhere. Make managing appointments a breeze, simplifies the work process and give yourself the freedom to focus on what you do best.

Gift cards

AA massage gift card is the perfect way to show someone you care. It's a thoughtful and relaxing gift that can help improve someone's overall well-being. Ideal for birthdays, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, and other holidays. It’s simple to manage and perfect for word-of-mouth promotion, gift vouchers are your ticket to a thriving business.

Staffs & shifts management

Lazygrid POS also supports scheduling, making it easy to manage schedules and employee availability, shift employees between different venues, and track hours worked. Lazygrid POS handles your administrative needs, it's an All-in-One admin assistant.

Customer loyalty programme

Turn first-time visitors into regulars with our Customer Loyalty Programme! It’s the secret to customer retention in the massage industry. When people find a massage therapist that suits them perfectly, they’re likely to stay loyal for years to come. Let’s help you create that lasting bond.

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