Is an iPad a good POS system?

Yes, iPads are excellent POS (Point of Sale) systems!  Specialised POS apps transform your iPad into a streamlined sales and transaction hub.

Benefits of Using an iPad POS System

Say goodbye to clunky, expensive cash registers and bulky traditional POS systems. iPads offer a powerful, cost-effective, and sleek solution for businesses looking to revolutionise their sales operations. Here's a closer look at the key benefits:

Affordable and Convenient: iPads are significantly more budget-friendly than traditional POS systems. If you already own an iPad, you've eliminated a major hardware cost. With a reputable POS app subscription, you have a fully functional point-of-sale system ready to go.

Mobility Redefined: Break free from the traditional checkout counter! The beauty of an iPad POS lies in its portability. Assist customers anywhere within your store, offering faster service, greater personalization, and the flexibility to turn any space into a sales area.

Ease of Use: iPads are known for their user-friendliness. Their intuitive touch interface makes staff training a breeze.  Your employees can quickly process transactions, manage inventory, and access key data, even if they aren't tech experts.

App-tastic Possibilities: The App Store is your playground! Explore a wide range of POS apps designed specifically for iPads, each catering to diverse business needs. Find solutions for payment processing, inventory management, customer relationship management (CRM), reporting, and more.

Inventory Insights: Say goodbye to stockouts and overstocking! Many iPad POS systems offer real-time inventory tracking. Know exactly what you have in stock, set alerts for low-quantity items, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your supply chain.

Lightning-Fast Checkouts:  Minimize those frustrating checkout lines. With an iPad POS, processing transactions becomes swift and efficient. This leads to shorter wait times and a significant boost to the customer experience.

The Digital Touch: Go green and ditch paper receipts! iPad POS systems often allow for emailed or texted receipts, offering a more environmentally-friendly option and an easy way for customers to  keep track of their purchases.

How to Get Started

Here's a quick breakdown of how to transform your iPad into a POS system:

Choose Your POS App: Explore the App Store and find a POS app that aligns with your business needs. Lazygrid POS is one of the most popular options in New Zealand.

Download and Set Up: Download the app to your iPad and create an account. Follow the setup instructions, ensuring compatibility with any additional hardware you might need.

Connect Peripherals (if needed): While an iPad can handle basic transactions, you might want to connect it to a card reader, receipt printer, barcode scanner, or cash drawer for a full POS experience.

Start Selling! Your iPad is now a complete sales terminal. Process payments, manage your inventory, access reports, and enjoy the convenience of a modern POS on a device you already love.

Contact us if you are intrested in turnning your iPad to a POS system.