Why we should go with digital POS system for our business

Today many hospitality businesses decide to make the switch from their traditional POS system to a Cloud based one. Have you ever thought about the reason for this? Cloud POS offers easy scalability, is accessible anytime from anywhere, and is often cheaper to install and run than traditional POS one.

Martha’s Pantry is cozy place in Wellington, which has been serving high tea in Wellington since 2007. It is also part of the tranvelling bible - Lonely Planet. However, the store's sales have been declining in recent years, and it was even at risk of closing. The owner, Sean, decided to start changing how the way of doing business. This change was a turning point for Martha's Pantry. As a result of these changes, Martha's Pantry has seen a significant increase in sales. The cafe is now thriving and is well-positioned for future growth.

But what actually make a real impact on Martha’s business? Here are some of the key benefits that noticed after opting for Lazygrid POS system: 

  • Access the real-time data anywhere and anytime

One of the most useful features for Sean is that it gives you access to real-time data anywhere, anytime! And, in easy-to-read reporting. Things that previously required his operations on-site now can be done on his mobile phone, such as checking the live sales numbers. managing bookings, and finding out the popular items. A daily sale report is also sent to him and also his accountant. Errors will inevitably occur if all these are done manually. But with Lazygrid POS system, these problems can be easily solved. Without going to the shop, Sean still have everything under control.

  • Digital marketing campaigns with promotions

After the transition to Lazygrid POS system, Marthas was able to create promotion across online and in-store. This enabled big potential for digital marketing campaigns on social media. Sean often created promotions along with Facebook and Instagram Ads to boost the sales for high tea. Those Ads obtained thousands of views and Martha's Pantry was fully booked. The digital marketing campaigns were such a success that significantly increased social media engagement and following customer bookings.

  • Digital voucher boosted the sales

Voucher is a big part of Martha's Pantry's sales across the holiday seasons. Our digital voucher can be sent via email and be saved in the Google Wallet and Apple Wallet. It bumps the user experience to next level which allows the customers to use and track the balance on their mobile devices any time. For those customers who still want a physical one, Sean made a store card and attached the printed QR code using the POS system. "When you care about your customer, your customer will pay you back" - as Sean told us.

Times has changed. Without an all-in-one digital solution, Martha's Pantry would never be able achieve this. If you are still using an old system, why not give our all-in-one solution a try?