Lazygird POS elevates your restaurant business to new heights

The reservation system increased store revenue by 20%
Increase your sales and retain customers with Gift cards
Online ordering can improve work efficiency and increase customer satisfaction
Roster makes administrative management easier

Booking system

The Lazygrid booking system boosts restaurant revenue by an average of 20%, opens up extra channels for your sales, diversify your order sources that reaching more customers, simultaneously enhancing owners' oversight of their operations.

Gift cards

Boost your restaurant's sales with gift cards – the go-to choice for special occasions like birthdays and holidays. They're an easy sell, simple to manage and use, bringing in upfront revenue and repeat customers seeking the perfect gift. They are your ticket to a thriving business.

Boost sales through online order

Lazygrid's online ordering system lets customers easily place orders via QR code, minimising lines and wait times. This efficiency not only increases your turnover but also allows your staff to concentrate on delivering top-notch service and food quality, leading to higher customer satisfaction and repeat business.


Simplify staff management with our Roster tool, effortlessly scheduling shifts and automating payroll, freeing you to focus on your restaurant's success.

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